Windsor City Councillor's Home Vandalized

A Windsor city councillor is "pissed off" after his home was vandalized.

Ward 2's John Elliott says around 5:15am Wednesday, he, his wife and kids were woken up by a loud sound.

They soon discovered their front window had been smashed with a rock. "I never had that ever happen in my life, so it was kind of unexpected. I guess that's a form of intimidation. I wasn't exactly intimated, I was more pissed off about it, because who does that?"

Elliott believes the vandalism had to do with Monday night's city council meeting and council's decision to allow Uber to operate in the city. "I know I don't have enemies like that, so I can only kind of assume had something to do with Monday night's council meeting. Growing up, I know the streets man, I grow up a whole lot in the streets, I know what goes on so I know it was attributed to that Monday night meeting."

Elliott has reported the incident to Windsor Police.

He says he is also looking at adding security features to his home.