Windsor Councillor Resting at Home After Having Emergency Surgery


A Windsor city councillor is at home resting following emergency surgery last week.

Ed Sleiman says he's feeling better but is still a bit weak.

The 76-year-old tells AM800 news, he's taking a blood thinner and recalls bumping his head on his desk which doctors believe caused internal bleeding in and around his brain.

Sleiman says the surgery involved doctors drilling holes in his skull and draining the blood.

"I hit my head accidentally and it was bleeding and it kept on bleeding and eventually I couldn't take it anymore and I wasn't even aware of the operation, I wasn't aware of anything so an unfortunate thing happen to me," says Sleiman.   

He says the last thing he remembers was being at home on July 28th, preparing for the city's Executive Committee meeting, that's when he became unresponsive and his wife called 911.

"If it wasn't for my wife, I think probably I would have never woke up because I lost complete consciousness of a complete day," says Sleiman.  "I just didn't know what happened to me, the day I was transported and the day I was operated on."    


Councillor Ed Sleiman (Courtesy of Fred Kushnir)

Sleiman says when he woke up in hospital, he was quite surprised to see himself in that condition.

"I said I don't remember any of this stuff," says Sleiman.  " I don't remember the ambulance coming to the house.  I don't remember asking me any questions, I don't remember anything, that day is lost completely.  If they didn't operate probably would have been worse because the blood was building, the pressure on my brain."   

Sleiman's emergency surgery was done on July 30th and was discharged from hospital on Monday.

He says his head wound is closed by 16 staples and was told by doctors to relax.

Sleiman says he's unsure when he'll return to city council meetings or city committee meetings.