Windsor Councillor's Question Shot Down

A Windsor city councillor says he's not surprised but is disappointed.

During question period at city council Monday night, Ward 4's Chris Holt asked administration to bring a report back outlining the policy for putting the Pelissier Street parking garage on the market but his request was turned down by council.

His question comes after a number of investors including local businessman Mark Boscariol announced they were interested in purchasing the city owned garage.

Holt says the garage continues to lose money.

"We see year after year, in every single budget how much this thing is losing money.  Maintenance on it is really falling by the wayside and it's something that really concerns a lot of residents in the city so it was worth investigating," says Holt.   

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the parking garage is not for sale.

"I'm not interested in selling that garage.  I think Goyeau and Pelissier garages are very strategic assets for the city of Windsor," says Dilkens.

Holt feels the city needs to listen to all offers.

"For us to not investigate the possibilities of actually moving forward with that and just looking into the idea of unloading something that loses money and putting it into private investors hands, it seems to me to be a no brainer.  At least let's look into it.  Let's measure the pros and cons," says Holt.         

Dilkens says he met with the investors.

"Just because someone comes forward and says I want to buy your parking garage, it doesn't mean it's for sale.  They played this case out in the media.  It was all an optics exercise.  The 2018 election is next year and this was a big part of their campaign for the next election which is fine," says Dilkens.    

Back in November, the city decided to convert the retail space on the ground floor of the garage to more parking spots.