Windsor Doctor Learns His Fate On Sex Charges In July

A date has been set for a ruling in the trial of a Windsor doctor on sexual assault charges.

Dr. Bassam El-Tatari pled not guilty to the six counts brought by different complainants.


Dr. Bassam El-Tatari outside of Windsor court. April 10, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

They all allege he touched them inappropriately while performing medical examinations and in some cases made suggestive remarks.

The Crown and Defence wrapped up their final submissions to the judge.

Assistant Crown George Spartinos introduced a motion for the witnesses to be considered "similar fact" testimony.

He says their evidence is all similar and there's an improbability of coincidence.

Defence attorney Bob diPietro disputes that, indicating each complainant had a different story and they were not similar.

He went through each complainant separately and pointed out inconsistencies in their evidence.

diPietro also suggested the complainants may have inadvertently colluded their testimony.

He told the court they didn't get together to concoct a story, but could have formed their stories based on media reports.

Spartinos pointed out that none of the complainants has a civil suit against the doctor.

The judge makes his ruling July 26, 2018.