Windsor Drone Company Competes For X-prize

A Windsor drone company is set to compete on the world stage for a whopping $7-million top prize.

CEO of Envirodrone, Ryan Cant, says his company has been tasked with creating an under water drone capable of diving to 4,000 metres.

Envirodrone is the only Canadian team taking part in the Shell Ocean Discovery X-Prize Competition which includes 21 teams from across the globe.

Cant says his team is up for the challenge despite the complicated task. He says representing Canada is an honour especially with the long history going back to AVRO in the 1950's.

Cant is feeling confident heading into the event.

"With what we've already built and designed, I think the premise is just basically making sure everything is water tight," says Cant. "So there's a lot more behind it, but I think with our knowledge our team can definitely put something quite unique together and I think we'll do very well."

The competition begins in September and if the Envirodrone team is successful there it'll move on to the final round in December 2018.

The location for the event is yet to be announced.