Windsor Entrepreneur Prepares To Head To Global Summit

A young Windsor entrepreneur is heading to South America to represent Canada as part of a global summit.

Cierra Bray, 24, along with 27 other Canadians will be attending the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The summit brings together young entrepreneurs from different countries to discuss issues facing people who are trying to open their own business and how governments can help.

Growing up in a household where both her parents were entrepreneurs, Bray says she has always had a drive to do her own thing.

Her message will be to allow children a creative outlet to think outside of the box.

"I think giving children a safe space to be creative and innovative and understand that failing is o.k and that is part of the learning experience and is something we need to strive for," she says.

She would also love to see more senior business people become mentors for younger entrepreneurs.

"Involving more seniors and more veterans who have the knowledge and the years of experience to have those people be mentors for younger people. I think there is so much value that comes from people who have been running businesses for 30-40-50 years."

Bray is the founder of CGal Media in Windsor.

As part of the summit, Bray will be providing her input on how governments can support entrepreneurs.

"Being able to be a part of a communique that then gets sent to the G20 global leaders. So Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump will be able to see our recommendations and they will be able to decide if what we are saying is something they would like to proceed with within policies."

She leaves for Argentina this Sunday for a week.

She expects the experience to be invaluable in being able to network with other like-minded people from around the world.