Windsor-Essex Celebrates Earth Day

A number of Earth Day activities around Windsor-Essex this past weekend.

Local residents joined millions of people around the world in cleaning up neighbourhoods and natural areas while raising awareness of being good stewards for the planet.

The Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 hosted its 6th annual Little River Clean Up along the Little River corridor on the city's east side.


Little River running through Derwent Park near Lauzon Rd. and Stella Cr. after Saturdays Earth Day Riverbed Clean-up. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

Janet Kelly is with the club and says people need to smarten up. "There's a lot that people are dumping that they shouldn't be. Things that are rusting, that are dangerous if there's kids playing around, and it would be nice if people were more responsible and took care of their own garbage. But also, when they see it, it doesn't hurt to bend over and pick it up and feel good about helping out."

"It's a shame that no matter where they clean they find garbage," says Kelly. "We were a little bit more over to the east side, but it's interesting what is left behind. I'm going to say we had seven or eight bags with just our team. So I'm going to think there were three or four teams. So I would say you double that up, probably 25-30 bags. But it would be really nice if people just didn't litter."

Kelly says she would like to see stiffer penalties for littering.