Windsor Essex Community Foundation Teams Up With People First of Ontario

A $2-million partnership is in place between People First of Ontario and the Windsor Essex Community Foundation.

The foundation is taking stewardship of an endowment fund.

Past President of People First of Ontario Kory Earle says the fund will assist those with intellectual disabilities across the province.

"This fund that we've announced today will help the thousands of lives here in Windsor and across this province for people with intellectual disabilities and those that have been a survivors of institutions but also remembering that their legacy continues to live on," says Earle.    

He adds the group is thrilled to partner with the community foundation.

"I've always believed that you must look at different partnerships that aren't necessarily disability focused but going outside your scope and when we looked at Windsor Essex Community Foundation, the autonomy, the way they operate what a great fix," says Earle.  

Earle says the group received the money after a class-action lawsuit.

He says the suit was launched against the province by survivors and families of those living with intellectual disabilities.