Windsor-Essex Remembers The Holocaust

A survivor of the Holocaust will be a keynote speaker for a Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration Sunday in Windsor.

The event will remember the six million Jews who died from 1939 to 1945 and to honour those who survived.

Holocaust survivor Judy Abrams will travel from Montreal to Windsor to attend the event.

Co-Chair of the Day of the Holocaust Commemoration Committee Dr. Morrie Kleinplatz told AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, this is about learning from the past.

"Part of the motto of the survivor community is 'never again and never forget' so we want people to know what happened, and to remember what happened to in part so we can prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again."

He says the keynote speaker was hidden in a convent at the age of seven in order to survive.

"They knew that if she was identified as a Jewish child, she would be murdered, that was in hungry and so they arranged for a convent to raise her as Catholic."

Kleinplatz says it's important to never forget about what happened.

"We are living in a dangerous time, right now there are people who are suffering greatly in the middle east and Africa because of oppression and genocide and we have had genocide since the Holocaust."

The ceremony, which is open to everyone of all faiths, takes place at the synagogue at Giles Blvd E and Goyeau St on Sunday, April 15 at 7pm.