Windsor Finishing Year With Reserved Hiring Climate

A new survey calls the hiring climate in Windsor "reserved" for the final quarter of 2018.

The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook has been released for October to December.

The survey shows 3% of employers in the Windsor area are planning to hire, while 10% anticipate cutbacks.

The group's 'Net Employment Outlook' for Windsor shows a 13% drop from the previous quarter, and a 20% drop from the same time last year.

Manpower spokesperson Tara Benson says with unemployment near 40-year lows, competition for talent is heating up across the country.

"It's all dependant on the market and what we can see is that there's an increase," says Benson.  "There's an upbeat outlook in the public administration sector as well as the manufacturing-durable sector and the education sector."

Benson says while the hiring climate in Windsor is reserved, some sectors are seeing growth.

"It really depends on what employers are hiring in Windsor and what sectors are growing and if there's a lot of public administration there then you might see growth and if there's not then you might see that decrease, which is what we've reported as a 7% decrease for the Windsor area," says Benson.

Despite a reserved hiring climate, Benson calls Windsor a "candidate market" where there are more opportunities than job seekers.

"We see it when we look at trades that there are a lot of employers that are looking to fill those positions," says Benson.  "There's a lot of opportunity for an individual who is trained they have several opportunities when they're looking for work."

Across Canada, 16% of employers plan to hire before the end of the year, while 6% expect to let staff go.