Windsor Fire and Rescue Targeting Apartment Buildings

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services is targeting building owners and managers to make sure their tenants are safe in the event of a fire.

It is holding a series of seminars in March and April specifically for building owners to make sure they know what their responsibilities are with the fire code.

Because of the height and number of tenants in some buildings, there are unique risks if there is a fire in a unit.

Windsor Fire Prevention Officer Andrea DeJong says in some cases, tenants are leaving too late. "People are not exiting their units, they are not calling 911 or they are leaving their doors open, or doors are caught on carpeting inside the door mats."

"Building owners need to know what is in their fire safety plan," says DeJong. We are still going in and finding fire code violations and as managers and owners change over we want to make sure they know what their fire responsibilities are."

DeJong says most tenants believe buildings are safe so Windsor Fire is just trying to make sure that's the case.

The seminars will discuss fire alarm systems, interior finishes, exiting, stairwells and emergency lighting.

The presentations will also cover why the Ontario Fire Code and emergency response training is mandated and required.