Windsor Fire Service Preparing Report on Naloxone Kits

A decision on whether or not Windsor firefighters will carry Naloxone is still a few weeks away — but up the 401 in London, it's happening.

In a unanimous vote, London city councillors have voted in favour of equipping the first responders with the potentially lifesaving drug.

Windsor Fire Chief, Stephen Laforet tells AM800 News it's too early to comment on what will happen here because his department is currently working with city administration on a report that he hopes will be before council within the next few meetings.

In December, Ward 9 City Councillor Kieran McKenzie requested the information on the issue.

He says he is not looking to take a position on whether police and fire should carry naloxone — he just wants the information available.

According to McKenzie, Windsor is one of the last remaining medium sized cities in Ontario that does not equip police and fire with naloxone.

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick has come out against the practice for police officers.

Naloxone works to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

In Windsor, the kits are currently carried only by paramedics.