Windsor Ford Workers Contribute Over Half A Million To United Way

A huge boost for the United Way campaign today from the workers at Ford's 3 Windsor sites.

The tally was revealed at the Ford Annex plant, under construction for building a new engine.

When the cards were all turned around, the total was more than $560,000.

United Way Board Chair Barry Horrobin says that makes a big difference to people.


United Way Board Chair Barry Horrobin thanks Ford workers for their gift, February 15, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Your $561,343, that's helped almost 8000 people.  So you can see the magnitude of this kind of generosity towards our campaign and we're so grateful that it helps kids, families whether it's counselling food, all the things that we need in our communities"

Chair of the Annex plant campaign, Jeff Walsh says they moved the needle up this year.



"It's a real challenge to spread it out, we spread it out a bit longer this year than we have in the past.  But we ended up reaching the end result which is to help the community more than we did last year. And we did that, we made a little bit more money this year than last year"

Walsh says 50 workers retired just before the campaign started.

"Trying to replace that kind of money is not easy.  Our team did a great job of getting people who donate to increase their donations and in the end we had I think, 150 people return from layoff that haven't worked here in 8 or 9 years.  And they got back just in time for the campaign"

The average contribution per Ford worker is about $480.

United Way VP Operations, Andy Bothamley, says this is a major contribution making up about 10% of the total campaign.