Windsor Girl Receives 125 Stitches After A Dog Attack

A Windsor grandmother is demanding a dog be put down after it attacked her six-year-old granddaughter.

Pam Robertson says her granddaughter went to a sleepover at a home near College and Partington on Saturday, January 6 when she was viciously attacked by the dog which she says was a pit bull.

She tells AM800 News, within minutes of dropping her off at the sleepover, she got a call to come back.

"I got there and it looked like Freddie Krueger had attacked my baby," Robertson says.  "The lacerations on her face were very deep."

Robertson says the animal is normally in a cage.

The little girl suffered 75 stitches to her face along with 50 to her leg and had to undergo a 2.5 hour surgery.

Thankfully, there wasn't any nerve damage.

Robertson says her granddaughter is recovering at home now after being in hospital.

"She kept telling me, grandma my leg really hurts," says Robertson.  "This is the strongest six-year-old I have ever met because she didn't cry. She has been calm and remained calm throughout the entire thing."

Windsor police were called but following an investigation, it was determined that no foul play or charges were warranted and as a result, the matter was forwarded to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

A pasta dinner fundraiser for the girl is set for January 19, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at St. Mark's by the Lake. 

--With files from AM800's Rob Hindi