Windsor Hoping to Secure Disaster Mitigation Funding


The City of Windsor is looking for some help to pay for badly needed improvements to combat basement flooding.

It's applying for funding under the federal government's Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund for a local $80-million project.

The city is hoping to secure $27-million from Ottawa to increase pump capacity, build a new pumping station on Riverside Dr. and make sewer improvements.

"It is matching funds by way of a third," says Mayor Drew Dilkens.  "So they step forward with $27-million, we would have to find $53-million. We have that process mapped out internally, but we will take advantage of every opportunity to have matching funds made available."

Mayor Drew Dilkens says this project is just one of many coming down the pipeline and he hopes to have an answer on the current application by the end of the summer.

"We expect that they will make these announcements quickly and we should have some idea hopefully by the end of the August, whether our application was successful, but because we have the financial capacity available to provide our share and because we have projects over $20-million we really are in a good position."

Following spring and summer flooding, Infrastructure Canada announced the disaster fund would be made available to communities in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.