Windsor Human Trafficking Victim Pleased with Sentence Handed to Abuser

A Windsor woman who was tortured in Winnipeg is speaking out in hopes of raising awareness of the problem of human trafficking.

As AM800 News told you last week, 30-year-old Andres Pavao was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of human trafficking, forcible confinement and obstruction of justice.

Over several months in 2018, Pavao forced his girlfriend 26-year-old Victoria Morrison into the sex trade and would beat her, burn her with a hot iron and electrocute her.

He would also lock her in a freezer.

"I can't believe I went through something so horrible," she says. "The freezer was turned off, but I would have panic attacks when I was in it and I would suffocate because I couldn't breathe and he would make sure it was shut, he would put something from the top of it to the ceiling to make sure I couldn't bust out of it."

Morrison tells CTV Windsor she met Pavao through mutual friends in Windsor and after a few months, the relationship became abusive and he took her to Winnipeg.

She says the situation progressively became worse.

"It started off with just beatings and I would be black and blue and I guess he was an expert at making weapons, so he would make a makeshift cattle prod and things like that and he got the idea of putting me in the freezer."

The hope of an escape kept her going.

"At times I just wanted to give up and basically end my own life because I didn't want to give him that power over me and I thought I was doing to die in Winnipeg," she says.  "But another part of me thought if I could get through it then maybe there would be a time where I could escape."

She was finally able to escape on August 5, 2018 with the help of one of her male clients who took her to the police station.

Morrison is pleased with the sentence handed to Pavao, particularly the plea to  human trafficking.

She came from a middle class family and cautions people that everyone is vulnerable to human trafficking.

She still suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the form of flashbacks and nightmares.

--With files from CTV's Chris Campbell