Windsor Islamic Council Delivers Grocery Cards To Flood Victims

The Windsor Islamic Council joined an outpouring of support for a neighbourhood that was hit hard by last Tuesday's flooding.

Seventy units around the Alix Sinkevitch Townhomes on Ypres Ave. near Central Ave. went without power for several days, and most residents lost personal belongings and perishable food items over that period.

Council Chair Maher El-Masri delivered Metro Grocery Store gift-cards worth $25 each to all 70 homes Sunday. After learning of their situation, he says the council had to do something.

"It's a sad story and we'd like to make it a little better," he says. "I watched the news about what happened in this neighbourhood, it touched us and we decided to do something about it."

He told AM800 News, the gift cards are just the start, a fundraising effort is already underway.

"We make a quick donation of a $25 gift card for each of the 70 families affected, but we also called for a fundraiser in the community and whatever we collect we'll present it back to them," says El-Masri. "It was a very warm reception, people were very appreciative, but that's the least we can do for them. This is a very difficult time for them, and we have to come together to help."

Anyone wishing to donate can visit El-Masri says to simply reference "Windsor flood" under the donation link.