Windsor Korean War Veteran Honoured With Quilt Of Valour

Windsor Korean War Veteran Jim Chapman has received a Quilt of Valour as a thank you for his service. 

Quilts of Valour is an organization that dedicates quilts to veterans to honour the sacrifices they made as soldiers. 

Chapman's quilt was American made, although he was born and raised in Windsor. 

Chapman worked in America and was drafted by the United States Military to serve in the Korean war. 

Quilts of Valour representative for Windsor-Essex, Janet Bergeron, says a lot of work goes into making the quilts.    

She says although Chapman's quilt is an American one, it has the same message as one from Canada. 

"It is meant to be a quilted hug, a thank you," says Bergeron. "It is from people from across the nation who have stitched their feelings, their heart, their love and their appreciation into a quilt." 

Chapman says he is very thankful for all the love and support he has received from the community. 

"It is an honour," says Chapman. "I was in the American army so I am getting one with stars and stripes on it. It is beautiful and when I saw it I said wow."

Over 153,000 American and over 8,400 Canadian Quilts of Valour have been distributed to veterans since 2003.