Windsor Labour Leaders Secure Promises From PM

Windsor labour leaders held a closed-door session with the Prime Minister on Friday.

Justin Trudeau, Labour Minister Patricia Hajdu and labour leaders representing a variety of sectors addressed several issues.

The recently reached USMCA was praised from both sides and issues were raised about the Trans Pacific trade deal.

Hajdu agrees the Trans Pacific agreement wasn't perfect, but they know labour needs to be part of future agreements.

"What we also talked about was how through every trade agreement we learned something as a government and you know one of the things that we learned through that experience was the importance of ensuring we have a strong labour voice at the table during the negotiations"

Unifor Local 444 President Dave Cassidy raised the Trans Pacific deal and alerted the Prime Minister to a key concern.

"We worry about potentially the Japanese and the vehicles flooding the market here relative to that so the CPTPP still is an issue and he's well aware of it"  

Unifor Local 2458 President Tulio DiPonti raised the question of the increased cost of prescription drugs from one provision in the USMCA.

"I've asked him about that and he says that was a difficult decision that he had to make on that but he told us he's committed to the pharmacare and trying to get the cost of drugs is check in Canada"

Cassidy agrees the auto sector is clearly a winner from the USMCA.