Windsor, Lakeshore Continue Discussions Regarding Animal Control

Talks continue between the city of Windsor and the Lakeshore Dog Pound.

The city is looking at its options after the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society requested a 22-percent increase in funding.

The Chair of the Lakeshore Dog Pound Committee, Steven Wilder, says they're still trying to determine exactly what level of service the city is looking for and if the pound can provide it. "Currently the program, the way that it operates is it is a catch and return program. We will essentially pick up dogs who were wondering the roads, stray dogs, we bring them to the pound, we take care of them and we make every effort to return them to their owner within 72 hours."

Last year the city brought in 543 stray dogs.

The Lakeshore pound has 23 cages.

Wilder describes talks to date as 'productive' but there's still no decision on service.