Windsor Launches 311 App

There's now an app for that.

The City of Windsor has launched a 311 app called "Windsor311".

It offers another option for people to make a service request or file a complaint for issues such as a dirty yard or pothole.

In 2018, the 311 call centre received 140,000 calls and officials believe the app will provide another channel for people to contact the city 24-7 at their convenience.

311 Call Centre Manager Alena Sleziak says calling 311 is still available.

"I think some people still choose to use the phone channel but what it does do is provides another channel for people to enter their requests and the beauty of it, it can be after hours in the evenings, in the parks, if they are walking around."

She says a benefit of the app is it allows people to send in a photo of their complaint.

"For a pothole, you know a picture, if it is a huge pothole, it is pretty helpful for them to see so they can prioritize especially since we are entering that season right now."

Sleziak says for now, there are seven service request categories.

"There may be other service request types where that would be really useful, damage to maybe a park bench or graffiti,  those types of things, we have dirty yard on there so people can submit property standards and those are very useful for the departments."

The city launched the 311 service on August 22, 2005 and has received over two-million calls, online requests, emails and texts since that time.

The app is part of the city's $300,000 per year contract with Motorola.

The Windsor 311 app is compatible with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.