Windsor Man Arrested Following Two Convenience Store Robberies Downtown

A Windsor man has been arrested following a couple of convenience store robberies in the downtown.

Around 9:45pm Friday, a man entered a convenience store on Ouellette Ave between Wyandotte and Elliott.  He picked up some items to buy and then went to the counter.

While at the counter, he pulled out a knife, waved it at the clerk and tried to access the cash register.  He fled without getting any money.

About 15 minutes later, a man entered another convenience store on Ouellette Ave in the downtown,  picked up some items but left the store when other customers walked in.

He re-entered the store  a few minutes later when the store was empty, picked up some items and while dealing with the clerk, he pulled out a knife demanding money.

The clerk call 9-11 and the suspect fled.

On Sunday 6:45pm, uniform officers on patrol in the downtown spotted a man matching the description of the suspect in both robberies and arrested him.

29-year-old Andres Devetac is charged with two counts of robbery.