Windsor Man Charged in Human Trafficking of Teen Girl

A 43-year-old Windsor man is facing charges and a 23-year-old woman is being sought in a case of human trafficking.

Windsor police began investigating a complaint about human trafficking on Saturday.

They determined a teenaged girl in London had been communicating with a man online.

A suspect travelled from Windsor to London, met the teen victim and brought her to Windsor where she was soon involved in the sex trade.

The suspect and a female accomplice began to control the victim's finances and movements.

The officers were able to bring the teen girl to a place of safety and the Major Crimes Branch took over the investigation.

Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Steve Betteridge says the complaint came to the patrol division.

"We located and identified a teenaged female who was a victim of human trafficking.  So that investigation continued with officers from the Major Crimes Branch.  One adult male suspect was located and arrested here in Windsor."

Sgt. Betteridge says this is a case that falls into the 401 human trafficking corridor.

"This was something from as close as London to Windsor.  So we have a documented case with charges where the interaction began online, the teenaged female victim was then transported from London to Windsor and we believe these offences occurred in the City of Windsor."

He says this is a classic form of human trafficking.

"You have recruitment, you usually have transportation or harbouring of persons and typically for the purpose of exploitation and that's exactly what we had in this case here.  And the key element in a human trafficking offence is exploitation." 

An arrest was made without incident at a residence on Brant St. near Louis Ave..

43-year-old Zuhair Gorges is charged with human trafficking, forcible confinement and other related offences.

An arrest warrant has been issued for 23-year-old Breyia Latouf on the same charges.