Windsor Man Fulfills Life Long Dream

A teacher at Massey High School in Windsor has fulfilled a life long dream.

Jim Beland has watched a game at all 30 Major League Baseball parks.

Beland told AM800's 'The Morning Drive' he finished the list last Wednesday when he watched the Padres play the Giants at Petco Park.

Beland says it took 12 years and it adds up in more ways than one. "Well you know there's a lot of money and a lot of calories, park foods are not low in calories. Just a lot of good times along the way, a lot of road trips."

After visiting every baseball park in the big league, Beland has listed his favourites. "Well my favourite one is in Pittsburgh. The skyline there is fantastic and the park is really unique. And a very, very close one is San Francisco. The bay - you may remember that Barry Bonds used to hit home runs into the bay sometimes so that's a really unique thing."

"Comerica Park - I'm not a Tigers fan per-sea - but Comerica Park is my favourite American league ball park" says Beland.

Here's Beland's list of his favourite baseball parks:

30. Tampa Bay
29. Oakland
28. Anaheim
27. Chicago White Sox
26. Arizona (cool walk up area, Game Seven Lounge)
25. Toronto
24. Yankees (great to hear Sinatra at a ballgame)
23. Milwaukee
22. Miami
21.  Cincinnati
20. Washington (best mascots; 4 presidents)
19. Minnesota
18. LA Dodgers
17. New York Mets (fun vibe)
16. Kansas City (great outdoor concourse)
15. Texas
14. Colorado 
13. Houston (love the Astro Dinger Train)
12. Atlanta (brand new, great Braves memorabilia inside)
11. Boston
10. Seattle (really fun vibe)
9. Baltimore
8. St. Louis (most entertaining vendors; fun place)
7.  Cleveland
6. Detroit (I like it more each year)
5. Philadelphia (best food)
4. Chicago Cubs (the best neighbourhood)
3. San Diego (that grass hill in centre is awesome)
2. San Francisco (the Bay is fantastic)
1. Pittsburgh (simple and small, and that skyline is incredible)