Windsor Man Granted Unescorted Leaves From Prison

A Windsor man serving an 18-year sentence for having unprotected sex with multiple partners while infected with HIV, is being granted half a dozen unescorted leaves from prison.

Carl Leone, who is now 40, has been granted two, 72-hour Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTA's) for personal development.

The Parole Board of Canada also granted Leone four additional 72-hour UTA's for family visits.

The board has placed numerous restrictions on Leone during the six leaves, including abstaining from alcohol and drugs, staying out of alcohol establishments, not to have any contact with victims and their families and to report any attempts to initiate sexual and non-sexual relationships with women to the parole supervisor.

In releasing its decision the board indicates Leone's risk to re-offend on the UTA's in considered manageable.

Leone had previously been denied an application for day parole in September.

Five of Leone's victims contracted HIV.