Windsor Man Guilty Of Assaulting Two Women

A Windsor man has been found guilty of assaulting two women.

Justice Thomas Carey found 61-year-old Kenneth Sparks guilty of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon in a stabbing at an Ottawa St. apartment in March 2015.

Sparks and two women were drinking at the apartment with plans to head out for a birthday celebration when a fight broke out and Sparks stabbed one woman and hit the other woman on the head with a pipe.

The woman with the stab wounds fled the apartment and ended up in a bath tub bleeding.

Sparks denied hurting the women and said he was trying to break up the fight between the two women.

But the judge rejected his testimony saying he was the only one in a position to hurt the women and given his size, he could have easily separated the two if they had been fighting.

"I am left with no doubt that Kenneth Sparks stabbed Sherry Bechard and used a weapon to hit Deborah Bondy," concluded Justice Carey.

Outside of Superior Court, Sparks said he will deal with it.

"I got to deal with it until it is over with, right," he says.

Sparks was originally charged with attempted murder, but Assistant Crown George Spartinos says the charge was dismissed during the trial.

"After the crown's case was in, the judge had concerns as to whether the evidence that he heard made out the attempt murder charge beyond a reasonable doubt and I agreed based on the evidence that we heard," says Spartinos.

The case was put over to March 9 to set a date for sentencing but Spartinos says he will be asking for time behind bars.

"I really can't say much more but the crown is asking for custody, I can't tell you the amount, but yes on an aggravated assault of that nature, yes."

Both weapons were recovered but there weren't any fingerprints on them.