Windsor Man Pleads Guilty In Tense Manhunt And Shooting In Pillette Village

A Windsor man who was the subject of a manhunt and shooting a year ago in the Pillette Village area has pleaded guilty.

30-year-old Richard Anthony Wallace pleaded guilty Thursday morning to possession of a shotgun, possession of ammunition, intentionally discharging a firearm and uttering threats.

On June 1, 2016, Wallace shot at a car parked at a home on Grandview Blvd and then called the homeowner inside to threaten her. 

It prompted police to warn people to stay away from the area of Pillette, Riverside Dr and South National St.

He was spotted walking on Arthur Rd holding a long gun by his side and police later arrested him at a home on Pillette Rd.

Court heard it was Wallace's birthday and he had been drinking so he doesn't remember a lot of the details about the incident.

While in custody, he also damaged a spinkler head at the Southwest Detention Centre to which he pleaded guilty.


AM800 file photo of manhunt in the Pillette Village area. June 2016 (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

He will be sentenced next month.

"The purpose for adjourning the sentencing was so that we could vary some conditions that were prohibiting him from seeing his parents," says lawyer Lisa Carnelos. "He can have jail visits with them which is important to him and his parents who are older now in age."

Carnelos says it has been a tough year for her client.

"It has been a lonely process for him. He has been in custody since his arrest, he never did attempt to seek bail so here we are today and we will seek finality next month."

Wallace's father was seated in court.   In an unusual move, Wallace who was seated in the prisoner's box requested through his lawyer to give his dad a hug.

The police officer in court said no.