Windsor Man Registers Blood-Alcohol Levels Almost Six Times Over Legal Limit

A Windsor man has been arrested for impaired driving with what police say were blood-alcohol levels almost six times over the legal limit.

It follows a hit and run Tuesday at 8pm. 

Police were called to 1925 Division Rd. near Walker Rd. after a pick-up truck smashed into a traffic light pole, knocking the pole down onto the road.

The truck fled and a citizen called police giving officers location updates. Authorities say it ended up pulling off the road into a parking lot on Provincial Rd., driving over a parking curb and hitting a fire route sign.

The man was placed under arrest and registered blood-alcohol levels of almost six times over the legal limit. He was taken to the hospital for assessment because of the level of intoxication. The 50-year-old will be charged with impaired driving, exceeding a breath test and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.