Windsor Man Sentenced For Violent Attack On Two Women

A 62-year-old grandfather convicted of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon is sentenced to 4 years behind bars.

Justice Thomas Carey found Kenneth Sparks guilty of those charges, but not guilty of attempted murder.

In March 2015 Sparks stabbed one woman and beat another with a pipe, trying to say they had been fighting with each other.

Passing sentence, Justice Carey made several references to Sparks' lengthy and violent criminal record.

Sparks' lawyer Laura Joy says the term imposed by the court was expected.

"No surprise, I mean when the findings that were made by this honourable court, that is a violent offence on two females one in a domestic context, it's going to attract high sentences we all know that"

Sparks' lawyer Laura Joy says the lengthy bail meant a shorter prison term.

"They are given credit for house arrest with no breaches, which was in our particular case.  As a result of that his honour in his wisdom granted him 12 months  as a result of that bail that he was on so that reduced his sentence from five years to four years"

Assistant Crown Ilana Mizel says the sentence was exactly what the Crown had been calling for.

"His honour accepted that sentencing range and thought it was appropriate and ultimately found that a five year sentence was the appropriate sentence, less time that he had spent on strict bail conditions.  So four years is the sentence concurrent on both counts"

Joy says being found not guilty of attempted murder was a victory in the case.