Windsor Man Sentenced to Seven Years For Shooting Family Friend

A 47-year-old Windsor man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter has been sentenced to seven years behind bars.

David Formosa shot 19-year-old Dallas Nelson on a University Ave. E.  porch in February 2017.

Court was told Nelson had called Formosa out, on an issue over his then girlfriend and sprayed mace toward Formosa.

Formosa had a handgun and shot toward Nelson, hitting him in the stomach.

Nelson died later in hospital.

Court heard from numerous relatives of the victim including his mother and sister.

His mother Crystal Janisse gave a tearful impact statement, speaking directly to Formosa who was a friend.

She said "you owe me closure, David"

Following the sentencing Nelson's father David spoke outside of Superior Court. 

He feels the sentence was lenient.

"I was expecting a little more," says Nelson.  "Like they told me eight years and I was hoping they would give them eight years even though he did time.  I just think it's sad."     

Nelson says his family continues to deal with Dallas' death "day by day."

"I know he's looking down on us," says Nelson.  "It was the best out come that could of came out of it today so hopefully we can get some closure but I don't think so."  

Formosa's lawyer called for a sentence of five to six years, the Crown wanted him behind bars for eight years.

Court was told Formosa has been in custody for 770 days which equates to 4.2-years by the pre-sentence calculations.

With time served, Formosa will be released from custody in 46-months.

Formosa briefly addressed the court and told Nelson's family he was truly sorry for what he did.

He said he never intended to shoot Dallas and would trade places with him if he could.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi