Windsor Man Wins A Juno Award

A former Windsor resident's behind-the-scenes work has earned him a Juno Award.

Jason Dufour won 'Best Recording Engineer' when the hardware was handed out in Ottawa on the weekend.

He began his musical journey at St. Joseph's high school. He started as a performer but left the stage to take on a role he says he often overlooked. "My job is to come in at the end and just get that fresh ear on it, and really, like maybe experiment with some stuff that they wouldn't have thought of to just ensure that when people hear it, they're like wow, what is this?"

Like many young musicians, Dufour initially set out to perform but quickly learned his gift was for production. "Experimenting with the recording process and quickly realizing that I enjoyed being on the other side of the glass and helping people make records. Being apart of the record with them, you know, I was just better at that than playing instruments, or writing songs, or performing. I just fell in love with it early on, which is kind of the opposite of a lot of guys ."

Dufour's work includes the 2014 Juno award winning album Volition by Protest the Hero.

He's also worked on albums for the Tea Party, Big Sugar and Tokyo Police Club in recent years.