Windsor Marks Elder Abuse Awareness Day


Elder Abuse took centre stage at a gathering in downtown Windsor.

Family Services Windsor-Essex organized the event at Charles Clark Square as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Program Co-ordinator Mehnaz Rafat says it's important to stand up for this vulnerable part of the city's population.

She says everyone is touched by elder abuse in some way.

"I'm sure we all know some seniors in our life. At any point we can safely say that there are at least 30 to 40 per cent of seniors in the community who might be facing elder abuse," she says.

Rafat says abuse can be hard to detect in some situations.

"The most common thing that we see is financial abuse because it is what is most recognizable, followed by psychological abuse and then physical abuse and neglect are very close after that."

She says law enforcement has seen a huge spike in frauds involving seniors in recent years.

"Seniors are isolated, and they have no connections within the community so it's easier for them to fall pray or victim to any kind of frauds or scams that are coming their way," she says.

The local prevention committee helps 200 victims every year.