Windsor Mayor Speaks About The "Moving" Dieppe Ceremony in France

About 70 people with connection to the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment are in France to participate in a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe raids.

121 soldiers from the unit died on the shores of Dieppe, and by the end of the war the regiment had suffered more casualities than any other.

Mayor Drew Dilkens was at the ceremony on Saturday and says it was an honour.

He says Dieppe still has strong ties to Canada because of the battle and there are Canadian flags in businesses and streets in the town.

A private commemoration for the Essex Scottish Regiment took place at 5:20 in the morning on the beach, the moment the battle began.

Mayor Dilkens says it was an honour to shake the hands of those who were at the raid.

"There weren't citizens around it was just really focused on Essex and Kent Scottish and the strong military history that they have" said Dilkens " And it was just a very moving experience."

Dilkens was joined in Dieppe by fellow mayors from England and the Minister of Veterens Affairs Kent Hehr.