Windsor MP Wants Streamlined Application Process For People With Disabilities

The MP for Windsor-Tecumseh is looking to make life a little easier for people with disabilities.

Cheryl Hardcastle tabled her first private members bill recently to make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate through all the available federal programs.

Right now, a person needs to apply separately to each program and has to "prove" their disability.

Hardcastle says the bill would create a one-stop shop to streamline the process. "It is just inefficient, it doesn't make a lot of sense, it is burdensome, and depending on the severity of your disability, it can seem punitive to have to do that each time."

"The disability federal programs operate in silos," says Hardcastle. "Canada Pension Plan Disability, Disability Tax Credit, Registered Disability Savings Program, Veterans Disability Pensions and the Opportunities Fund, they all operate as standalone programs and they have a distinct and separate application process."

Hardcastle believes if someone is eligible for one program, with the proper documentation, then they should be eligible for others too.

The bill will be debated at second reading in the House of Commons in May.