Windsor Now Epicentre Of Canada's Auto Sector

The Windsor Essex area is being designated as the epicentre of the Canadian auto sector.

A report out today from the Automotive Policy Research Centre tracks steady growth in the sector in Canada and in particular the Windsor area.

It indicates the FCA Windsor Assembly plant is the single largest manufacturing workplace in Canada with over 6000 employees.


AM800 file photo (Photo taken by Teresinha Medeiros)

Report author Brendan Sweeney says the numbers demonstrate the value of the auto sector to Canada.

He says The job expansion has been mostly in existing facilities: "most of the growth we've seen is concentrated in existing plants and and a lot of plants have upgraded and maybe an individual plant has expanded its footprint, but we haven't seen the construction of a lot of new plants.  Certainly there have been a few new parts plants built in Windsor you've also got cases where companies have expanded to existing buildings"

Sweeney says the steady job growth in the auto sector since 2012 has concentrated in one place, Windsor-Essex.

He says the other piece of the story is the parts sector, which now accounts for 70-percent of the jobs in the auto sector.

Canada's auto sector employs over 140,000 people and manufactures about 2.4-million vehicle annually.