Windsor Offers Alternatives For Graffiti Artists

The City of Windsor is not in favour of graffiti, but it does support approved public art.

Concerns have been raised over graffiti painted on the train bridge over Walker Road at Grand Marais.

City Manager of Cultural Affairs Cathy Masterson told AM800 listeners on the 'Lynn Martin Show,' the city only has authority over some areas.

Masterson says whether graffiti is art or not is an open question.

"In some instances it boils down to permission, and in some instances it's referring to a style," says Masterson. "So the whole thing about art in general is there's no one standard fits everything kind of description"

She says anyone who wants to do public art can apply to the city.

"We have a public call and we have site specific location, there's funding attached to it and it's open to artists in the community.  So an example of that would be the recent Windsor 125 mural that is installed on an electrical casing downtown"

The city is open to a wide variety of public art Masterson adds, "not just murals, I would really like people to open it up to doing interesting ethnic projects in their neighborhood parks working with artists to do temporary installations, so there's been some interesting ecological projects that have happened down along the riverfront"

Anyone interested in doing public art can call 3-1-1.