Windsor Olympic Boxer Heartbroken After Olympic Photos Stolen

A Windsor Olympic boxer has a heavy heart after some of his Olympic photos were stolen from his car.

Adam Trupish's car was parked in the parking garage at his downtown Windsor apartment building Monday afternoon when the theft occurred.

Trupish says a tote bag full of about 2,000 photographs, including Olympic photos, was taken.

"The humanity. What if these  people realize they stole someone's life in picture, what are they going to do with it?" says Trupish.

There were also childhood photos, wedding photos and vacation photos stolen which are not replaceable.

Trupish was in the process of moving the photos from one storage to another and spent part of the morning in the rain checking to see if the photos were dumped.

Trupish boxed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

His boxing bag was also stolen.