Windsor Peace Coalition says War is Not the Answer in Syria

Close to 20 members of the Windsor Peace Coalition set up shop on the corner of Tecumseh Rd. and Ouellete Ave. Friday to protest the US bombing of a Syrian air base.

Thursday's missile-strike was in response to a gas attack believed to be the work of the Syrian government.

Protester Enver Villamizar says statements of support from the Canadian government don't reflect what Canadians stand for. 

"Their names [Canadians] being usurped by Justin Trudeau and him speaking in our name, as if we support war. Canadians do not support war and bombing other countries behind Donald Trump, we do not, and he has no right to speak for us," he says.


Enver Villamizar of the Windsor Peace Coalition addresses the crowd at the Hands off Syria protest. (Photo by Gord Bacon)


The high school science teacher says many in the coalition would like to see Canada remove themselves from the Middle-East altogether.

"I think the Canadian government has no right meddling in Syria's internal affairs. They've been involved since 2003, stoking a civil war and now they're openly supporting Donald Trump, his bombing of Syria, and I think Canadians have to speak out," says Villamizar.

Marvin Ramos told AM800 News there need to be some accountability to international law, But Syria needs to take care of their own conflicts.

"Let Syrian's resolve their own problems and uphold international law. We need Canada to be out of military interventions," says Ramos.

Villamizar says the WPC plans to hold more protests in the coming weeks.