Windsor Pharmacist says Adult Vaccine Hesitation Unfounded


The "anti-vaccine" movement is garnering a lot of headlines, mainly focusing on parents that don't want their kids getting vaccinated, but what about adults?

There's a new phenomenon called "vaccine hesitancy" among adults.

One in 10 Canadian adults say their trust in vaccinations has dropped because of stories they've heard.

Windsor pharmacist Sebastiano Di Pietro owns the Shoppers Drug Mart at Howard and Tecumseh.

He says there are so many myths that scare people away from vaccines, but that's all they are, myths.

"It only takes a little bit of fear to really prevent people from getting protected by a vaccine. One of the myths is that vaccines will make you sick, but, it's been shown that you do not get sick from vaccines and you have a way better chance of getting sick from the disease that it's trying to prevent," he says.

Di Pietro says everyone knows that friend that claims to have gotten sick from a flu shot and it's simply not true.

"Once somebody has convinced themselves that there's a danger from something, it becomes very difficult to persuade them otherwise," Di Pietro says. "With the flu shot there's almost no chance of getting the flu from the shot. It's virtually impossible."

He says vaccines are a necessary part of a healthy life.

"Vaccines are part of our healthcare equipment that we have right from babies until our old age," he says.

Di Pietro says to keep in touch with your pharmacist to make sure vaccines like tetanus are up to date.

He says every pharmacy keeps records that can help ensure you're maintaining immunity to several avoidable illnesses.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides