Windsor Police Brushing Up Motorcycle Skills

Members of the Windsor Police Traffic Enforcement Unit are re-acquainting themselves with the skills of riding a motorcycle.

Along with several OPP and Amherstburg Police officers, they've set up a practice course at the Windsor Airport, complete with pylons to navigate.

WPS Spokesperson Sargeant Steve Betteridge says yesterday's crash on Highway 3 involving a wild turkey is a reminder of how unpredictable roads are and that motorcycle drivers need to expect the unexpected.

He says driving a motorcycle is not as easy as getting in a car:  "operating a motorcycle is more physically challenging than operating a car.  You're dealing with a lot of weight, balancing issues, the elements you're exposed to much more than in a car it's a whole different world as far as operating a vehicle"


Windsor Police motorcycles (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Sargeant Betteridge says after the winter it's a good idea to get in some practice because just like any other skill, if you haven't used it for several months it's something you should brush up on and practice.

He adds that if the specially trained, skilled officers require a refresher in the spring everyone does.

Sgt Betteridge says there are refresher courses for non-police riders to take, or just use a parking lot or quiet street before heading into traffic.

He says their motorcycles serve a variety of functions including traffic enforcement, funerals and parades a well as motorcades.