Windsor Police Continue to Investigate 2018 Murder

Windsor police continue to make strides in an ongoing downtown murder case.

Superintendent Jason Crowley says investigators continue to work on the Jason Pantlitz-Solomon case.

He says investigators are waiting on a couple of pieces but feel they're close.

The 20-year-old was gunned down on August 27, 2018 around 2:40am on Ouellette Ave. at University Ave. E.

Police say two men wearing hoodies approached Pantlitz-Solomon, both suspects had guns and fired multiple shots then fled in a white Nissan Altima that was later found in the Peel Region.

Crowley says the investigation continues.

"The Pantlitz-Solomon homicide that occurred in August is still outstanding," says Crowley.  "We are diligently working on it and we are close we think."

Crowley says investigators believe they are closing in..

"We're waiting for a couple pieces of the pie to come together, but we're right on it and we're very close I think," says Crowley.

He says anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or Windsor police.

"Any little piece that you may think not it's not helpful at all any little piece may help, maybe the missing piece we're looking for," says Crowley.  "So please come forward, Crime Stoppers or you can call our dispatch centre anytime."  

Pantlitz-Solomon was a third-year criminology student at the University of Windsor and came from the Peel Region.

Investigators believe the shooting was a targeted incident.

A $5,000 reward is being offered.

Crowley says of the homicides that occurred in 2018, this is the only one that is unsolved.