Windsor Police Developing Policy On Cannabis Use By Officers

Windsor police administration is developing a policy on how to deal with officers and cannabis once it becomes legal.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, President of the Windsor Police Association Jason Dejong says the policy is being draft with input from the association that will allow off-duty officers to ingest marijuana.

But he emphasizes the officer needs to be 'fit for duty' when he or she arrives at work, much the same way as the police service handles alcohol.

"If a member shows up to work and is not fit for duty for a myriad of reasons, they are taken off the road and disciplined and that sort of thing," he says.

Dejong believes an outright ban, would be tough for administration to enforce.

"The ability to limit or for the employer to limit off-duty conduct when it is lawful it would be challenged by an association," he adds.  "Once it is legal, if a member decides to smoke cannabis or ingest it or whatever many ways you can, and they are on their own time, that's fine as long as when they show up for work they are fit for duty and they are not impaired."

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada October 17.

Police Chief Al Frederick says Windsor police administration is looking forward to having a 'thorough policy' in place for its employees.

Last week, the province announced proposed legislation that would allow recreational marijuana to be smoke in the same places as cigarettes.