Windsor Police Investigating After Suspected Officer Impersonation

The Windsor police Major Crimes Branch is investigating an incident where it's believed a man impersonated a police officer.

On Saturday afternoon, a woman stopped her vehicle on Riverside Drive E near Belleperche Place.

Police were told it happened between 2:15 a.m. and 4:15 a.m. because the vehicle following her had a red and blue flashing light on it.

A man got out of the vehicle and approached the woman's car wearing what's described as a Windsor Police Service button-down shirt.

He didn't have any other police clothing or equipment.

The man asked for license and vehicle documents which she provided.

After a lengthy wait the man returned to the car and demanded money while holding an unknown weapon.

He took some cash and both the victim and suspect left the area.

The vehicle is described as;

  • A black sedan, similar to a Dodge Charger
  • Ontario licence plate possibly starting with "BJ" or "BJJ"
  • Dark tinted windshield with darker tint at the top half
  • Roof light

The suspect is described as;

  • Male white
  • Early to mid-50's
  • Approximately 5'9"
  • A gold left front tooth and missing a right front tooth
  • Wrinkles on his face with sores on the left cheek
  • Dark brown hair with lots of grey, worn short and messy "surfer style"
  • Bushy eyebrows
  • Brown mustache with grey highlights
  • Brown beard extending past chin
  • Wore a Windsor Police Service button-down t-shirt and dark pants