Windsor Police Launch Pilot Project To Take A Break (AUDIO)

Don't be surprised to see more uniformed police officers in Windsor taking a break.

Windsor police have launched a new pilot project to allow officers to take their scheduled lunch periods in the community.

Since the Windsor police force implemented a 12-hour shift this year, it has become more important for officers to take a break during their shift.

They will be permitted to take their breaks within the community at restaurants, community rinks or at home.

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick says in the past, lunch breaks were more limited.

"For decades and decades officers were required to come into headquarters and workout or sit in the lunch hour for their hour of relief," says Chief Frederick. "If there are a couple of officers, say two or four sitting at a restaurant, at least they are visible and any time we are in unform and in the community, we may be preventing a crime."

Officers will also be immediately deployable.