Windsor Police Reminding Community To Have A Plan This New Years Eve

As 2016 comes to a close and people pour champagne to ring in the new year, Windsor Police have a message for all.

Have a happy new year, be responsible, have a plan to get home safely and do not drink and drive.

Windsor Police will be setting up ride checkpoints to help prevent drunk drivers from hitting the streets.

Constable, Andrew Drouillard, says it is up to the community as a whole to help prevent drunk driving.

He says it is important to plan your evening so you can get home safely.

"We want people to just plan ahead when they are enjoying their night. Obviously enjoy your night responsibly, but plan ahead to get home safe. Have a designated driver, have somebody come pick you up, arrange to stay the night, just do not make that bad decision of drinking and driving."

Drouillard says people are becoming more aware of the consequences of drunk driving.

"People can see that there are consequences to this. It can affect your record, have your license taken away, the cost to go to court, all of those things. I think people are getting the message."

He says Police have made their presence known during the holiday season.

"We have been out every weekend for the past four weeks or so, but we will be out there to keep the roadways safe and we are counting on everybody else to help keep the roadways safe."