Windsor Police Reminds Motorists To Drive To Conditions

Windsor Police Service wants to remind everyone to drive to the conditions over what could be an icy weekend.

The OPP responded to more than 20-collisions Friday including five tractor trailer involved collisions on Hwy. 401 between Windsor and Tilbury.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says so far Windsor has only seen minor fender benders after rain turned to snow and frigid temperatures Friday afternoon — and he wants to keep it that way.

"We've got that time of year where we get just above freezing, then just below freezing and a little bit of moisture coming down," he says. "It makes ideal conditions for that black ice."

He tells AM800 News even if a road looks clear, it doesn't mean it's safe — when conditions are right for ice to develop, drivers need to keep it in mind.

"Black ice is a funny one where sometimes it isn't in our minds because the roads can look plowed, they can look cleared, but you still have that black ice," says Betteridge. "You have to have the appropriate speed so that you can safely stop."

Speed limits are in place year round, but Betteridge says that doesn't mean it's okay to drive at unsafe speeds in poor road conditions.

He says it's against the law to drive in an unsafe manor, period.

"Each incident is case by case, but absolutely, if we see a vehicle not driving to the conditions of the roadway, our job is to help protect everyone and help spread that word," he added.

Betteridge says, in most cases, a warning will be issued by officers, but they do have the authority to issue a ticket for unsafe driving, even if the motorist is travelling under the speed limit.