Windsor Police Service Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Display

As part of the 150th celebrations, the Windsor Police Service has set up a display of some of their unique gear.

It's at Charles Clark Square until 8 PM.

Among the items you can see and tour are the Mobile Joint Command Bus, the bomb squad vehicle with its robots, Tactical Team entry tools and the 150th anniversary cruiser.

Next to Windsor City Hall an area is set up for a display of the canine unit's capabilities.

Inspector Jason Crowley says the goal is to have people see who the Windsor Police are, to humanize policing.

He says keeping an eye out for future officers is part of the event, they're alway recruiting.

Crowley says people can get inside some of the vehicles police use:  "you'll be able to see some of the equipment they use, the trucks and you can look inside if you come down the officers will describe what they do what the equipment does as well as the command post"

A historic photo is also being taken this afternoon (around 3:30) with about 800 current and former Windsor Police officers.