Windsor Police Service Improving Diversity

The Windsor Police Service is having success in diversifying the ranks.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens recently urged that diversity be considered in replacing almost half of city hall staff who will retire in the next five years.

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick says during his six years in the top job, that's always been his goal.

He says the philosophy of diversity manifests in two areas.

"And it's been an objective to diversify both within the ranks meaning promotions and hiring diverse people into our organization.  We've had great success in both," says Frederick.

He adds, the numbers in the past few years of recruits speak for themselves, saying "30% have been racially diverse, that's a huge win and so we're headed in the right direction, we're doing it much quicker than we had in the past."

Frederick also points to the most recent elevations within the ranks, with a quarter of those promotions being females.