Windsor Police Want Everyone To Have a Safe And Happy School Year

Windsor Police Services want everyone to have a safe and happy school year.

Thousands of kids will be making their way to school Tuesday morning, some for the very first time.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says be cautious, be patient, and pay attention during the back to school season.

He told AM800 News during peak hours, adults and kids will need some time to adjust from summer months.

"Humans are creatures of habit. We get into routines, as adults, and obviously so do young kids," he says. "Tuesday's a very special day, we have lots of kids coming to school for the very first time, and young kids that have had the summer off and two months for a kid is a long time. 

Betteridge says above all, drivers and kids need to put away electronic devices and keep their eyes and ears on their surroundings.

"Be prepared to stop at all times. Children are excited to be back at school and they may not be conscious and aware of vehicular traffic. Be mindful of school buses and direction from crossing guards," says Betteridge. "Be attentive and free of any distractions, we have to have our attention on the road."

Parents should go over the basics, even if it's not their child's first time at school, according to Betteridge.

"Walk on the sidewalks when available, cross at intersections, walk, don't run. Stop, look, and listen for traffic before crossing," says Betteridge. "Wear a helmet on bicycles, when crossing at an intersection walk your bicycle, and review the school bus boarding and departing rules."

He reminds motorists to prepare for increased traffic, especially in school zones, and allow plenty of time to get to their destination.