Windsor Pothole Crews Bracing For Busy Weekend

The wild swings in temperature the past couple of weeks and in the coming days are expected to create a wave of potholes on area roads.

Windsor's Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson addressed the issue on AM800's The Lynn Martin Show.

He says the deep freeze of the past couple of days has caused pavement to heave because of water trapped below.

Dawson says the warmup this weekend is expected to create the potholes to develop.

"When it thaws it will settle back down, but obviously it doesn't all settle uniformly.  So those areas of roads that are already cracked you'll see chunks of asphalt that are displaced whether it be by out plows or just regular traffic going over top"

He says the number of potholes so far hasn't been too bad.

"We have a couple of crews out there today but from a pothole perspective we're in relatively good condition right now but we are getting ready for that"

Dawson says the driving public can help crews pinpoint where to go to fix major pothole problems.

"Keep your eyes open for the potholes, but if you do see a pothole please call in to 3-1-1 those records are kept and it goes to our maintenance division who keeps a log of those and that's how we dispatch a lot of our crews out to take care of those calls that come in"

Dawson points out around 20% of the city's roads are in a poor condition and are more susceptible to potholes developing.